Kind en Gezin, ready for the future

Kind en Gezin (Child and Family) is an agency that works actively in 'Public Health, Welfare and Family’ policy area. This Flemish agency focuses on preventive treatment and guidance of young children geared to good outcomes in the future. We work hard to enable children to achieve their full developmental potential, physically, mentally, emotionally and socially, with respect for diversity and children’s rights. This principle holds good for all the different areas that we work in.
Kind en Gezin is responsible for:

  • registration of high quality child care;
  • optimal support for parents-to-be and parents with young children;
  • the criteria that adoption agencies have to meet.

We closely monitor all changes in society as a matter of course. Day in day out we come into contact with thousands of families and work with partners and other actors in the field. This gives us a wealth of information, allowing us to respond proactively and at the most appropriate time. We develop scientific methods, in both educational and medical fields, to assist us in our work. We constantly adapt our services, so that we can offer every parent and every child the best help possible. We also participate in national and international campaigns and projects: with boundless respect for every child and for the rights of the child.

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